Quick Feet

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It has always been important, but would it be fair to say this aspect of quarterbacking has taken on increased importance? When you look the trends in the highest levels of Football you would have to conclude that, yes, quick feet and the ability to extend plays with your feet has gained greater emphasis.

For the young Quarterback there are drills that can be done either at practice or own your own. I would argue that doing quick feet drills, both in season and out of season, is critical to a QBs success.

There are some great drills available to learn and copy. Some are shown in the training section under the topic: QB Drills. But there are many others. A quick search of UTUBE will provide a QB or coach with a number of excellent drills.

For the QB these drills should be coupled with rigorous jumping rope sessions. It would be best to purchase a jump rope ($5-10), but in a pinch a length of nylon rope will do. Jumping rope is the single most important exercise I can think of for quick feet. Here are three quick beginner guides to jumping rope starting at the most basic and working to increasing instruction:

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